Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A free Christmas Gift to give this year

There is a gift everyone can give this Christmas. Its one of the best gifts to give, and pass on, and keep in your Life.

The story of Christmas. (and before you leave me comments on the pagan and Celtic Christmas I already know and I do say Happy Winter Solstice.

For the Christians maybe a wonderful gift to give your family this year amongst all the games, and toys, jewelry. Take the time to read the Christmas story to your children,family and friends.

Or watch the Movie together, but enjoy it and let it come into your life. Even if you are not Christan it is just a good thing to have experienced and maybe take from it something good to add and carry through your life and share with family and friends. The March 20,2007 Movie release of The Nativity Story was really a great one, and so if you can't read it or don't have a bible this may be a great thing to watch over the upcoming holidays.

This is probably one of the best gifts you can give this year for free and to let into your life you are giving yourself a wonderful gift. Times are so hard right now for everyone. Maybe its time to step back and re evaluate our lives.

And if you just say no no I am not even bringing in that to my life Fine do me a favor Make sure to Watch a Wonderful Life then. You can get the same from this movie too :) Great movie to watch on Thanksgiving night!


Kristine said...

What a beautiful sentiment!!

treasurefield said...

I missed The Nativity Story when it was in theaters and somehow missed renting it.
I love your suggestion to watch on Thanksgiving night. I'm going to do my best to do that.
And like you, I'm decorating early this year!

God bless your holidays and all days,
alisa R. :)