Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Need ideas!

I need some ideas for Gift Tags

What colors are you using this year?

Fun Retro? Primitive,Vintage, would love some ideas to make up some new collage sheets for

I hear penguins are making a come back!

Oh for those that missed it I posted the Juniors Cheesecake recipe below!! yummy!! Not to long and we will be cooking and enjoying Thanksgiving!!

I hung up a couple little Christmas Decorations I usually don't do it till after Thanksgiving but believe it or not hubby gave me the OK to start decorating. I am happy seems like a good year to decorate early.

I am getting my finishing touches on my Spooky Time Jingles items for November 13th update.

I got to do up a great blog for a good friend today too Come take a look

Have a beautiful day


Kristine said...

Hi Annette!!!
in response to your request for ideas,..for Christmas, I generally use 2 categories the "olde world" styles,and the fun vintage wrapping paper!ooooh how bout some pixie elves and mushrooms too!!(wink,wink)
and glitter birds, and glass German style aluminum trees too!!..Ok I'll stop now!!
rofl!!! ;-)

Michelle said...

I think that buying for younger generations is a lot easier because there are so many inspiring websites out there these days such as I want one of those.

If you have young children gadgets and gizmos are the place to start and you can guarantee a happy smile come Christmas Day.

Kristine said...

Oh yes!!!
so sorry, forgot to say in my earlier comments,(I should be flogged)....Images of the Nativity for tags!
Can't leave those out!!...After-all that is the whole reason why we celebrate Christmas at all! ;-)