Friday, August 1, 2008

I Am Seriously considering selling off

I am in debate with myself with time and my creative personal outlet as I have been making the collage sheets and hang tags and such though, I do enjoy making them I have for the last couple months came upon a creative block with them. They have been my bread n butter to put it mildly the thing that has been helping keeping the bills paid each month. I find myself in a arguement with myself I have always said never to try to create something you don't have a passion for. Reason being it will not come out the way you want.

So debating it and trying to decide the course of my artistic ways. The question has come to me as again I was aprroached months ago about it but said no way. Is to sell the collage sheets all in whole with resale rights to the buyer. This includes all over 200 + and including the resale rights to the hang tags, but not the right to make something else with the hang tags as I own the Deiginer copyright to my images on the hang tags, but the collage sheets and business promotions would be complete rights.

You can tell in my etsy shop how well they have done and do for me I think some of it was the loss of Ebay as an outlet for the instant downloads and I just don't have the time to print and make CDs to sell them on there though they sell good on there as printed and CD's See here I am a power seller because of the collage sheets.

The big debate I have is if someone was to take over the business are they gonna give them the care they are needed, and the customer care is so important to me, then if they start making their own sheets will they do it with the same
originality to them. It would be part of the whole deal. I hope to get this figured out in my head as I don't like waying over anything but to me this is a big decision and may also be the finishing crack in the income of the house lol, but when you start disliking something if you get it out of your life seems you are better off.

Thanks for listening and any input I would love, I may just end up closing up the etsy shop in the end but if I do decide to sell. I will definatly let everyone know where they can be found. There would always be a permanent link on my blog and website...........Oh in case you are wondering NO NO I would never stop making my web graphics banners and such are still quite the passion for me.Even the custom graphics I will not stop doing.This whole thought is all about the items in my Etsy ShopIf you would like to see the shop click here

Oh and PS here are some goodies I have been working on

Have a beautiful day


GNG Girl said...

That's a tough decision, not sure where you're at with this...have you prayed about it?
It's what I do with EVERYTHING from relationships, money and work to whether or not to buy those "I just gotta have'em but don't need 'em shoes!" works! :o)
I'll shoot one up(an arrow) on your behalf if you don't mind! :o)
Jeremiah 29:11-13
For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future...

Enchantments and Giggles said...

Hi Annette- I'm with GNG. However, it just seems like selling off - would never be the same. No one cares for your things like you. If that makes sense?! Tan