Saturday, August 2, 2008

Way Cool Jack

Lisa of had purchased my hang tag collection to the right of this post The one I am retiring.

I rarely get to see what people do with these and this was such a welcome surprise and ended my day so good last night.

She took my pumpkin jack and made him so hers !! I Love the outcome!!

Look at his mouth he even has a sparkly tooth!! Ha Love it and love the paper effect of the Higgety Jiggety Jack isn't that cool!!

She tells me she already has some of the snowman in the collection cut up too to use I cannot wait to see!! And another real neat idea with Jack!!

She has a great blog go take a peek

Thanks so much Lisa For showing me him! Love him and can't wait to see what becomes of the rest of the hang tags! Thanks so much for getting the collection befor eI retire it too Wonderful to see what can be made from it!

Have a beautiful day Everyone!

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GNG Girl said...

Thank you again, H.J.Jack & I are honored to be featured here! :o)