Friday, March 28, 2008


I have been working getting everything moved over to the website Still have about 60 more to go but Have gotten over 80 collage sheets on and as you look through you will find freebies and I will be adding more freebies.

I will be offering the buy 3 get 1 free offer still on the digital collage sheets once I Get all the digital on I will be offering printed availablitiy too.

I have been asked by a couple fellow collage artist If I may ever offer others collage sheet designers on there I am mulling that over and I just might, I totally beleive in Every customer being treated as number one So designer would have to prove to me that they will be there if there is a problem with the sheet or a customer needs help working with it So that is my biggest debate about it We'll see but I would love if there are designers interested I wouldn't mind getting feedback of people looking for a place to sell.......

I also will be making a section for the Paint Shop Pro Add ons and PNG files I just recently got into making them and really enjoy them but haven't been able to make much more new So that is a defintate oncce things settle and everything gets moved from ebay to the website......So watch or those and the price of the ones I have on Ebay I am lowering them so that a ny designer can affor them I am thinking around $2 a set.......again we'll see so much going on this week lots of ideas But ideas need to be made sure they can work You know how that goes.

So anyhow Hope you wil visit the website see the change with the addition of the collage sheets Grab the freebies Enjoy and yes my freebies can be used for business and personal use! When you go to download any of my files you must Click the Save button NOT open as that way it protects my files to outside world. and as always althought It is the website I am always checking on it and my email, and I have put a contact button on the top of everypage of the collage sheets! Thanks and enjoy!!

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oh PS Mark your calender A Time For Primitves is opening in just a few days!! WOW This site is gonna be Just WOW!!! I will also be offering unique collage sheets there that are only offered there for the first month! And there are some free collage sheets there too!

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Opens April 1st!!! YEA!!!

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Karen said...

Hi Annette...know you've been busy moving everything over...I've 'awarded you'! Take Care! Karen