Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Fit to be tied Have you seen the new announcment


Well this includes me It would cost us over $2000 a month to keep our collage sheets on Ebay.

So so sad I have to announce I will be closing my ebay store defintatly by March 31 st But if I Can get my website ready with them all It will be sooner.......Dang Ebay I haven't even reached a profit this month So I guess This is good for me to get my Website back up and fully stocked, but boy this hurts Selling on Ebay has really helped us make ends meet the past few months and This is for a lot of the sellers there are in this category I know alot of desiginers for E-patterns this is gonna hurt too! Dang it is a sad day for sure

Hope fully we will all end up finding new better places. You will be able to find ALL my collage sheets hopefully by the 31st on my website http://huckleberryarts.com

We do have some note all on

Online Auctions

and I will be adding more there too Right now I am concentrating on Huckleberry Arts, then I think I Will add some to my Etsy shop too (still thinking about that)

On April 1st I have New Sheets that are available only at A Time for Primtiives So watch for those!

And of course will always keep 40 on instantprintables.com I am Huckleberry Arts You can find freebies there too

And looking through my ebay store I will be adding Freebie page on Huckleberry Arts too for collage sheets so make sure to check it out

Now I hope everyone will say a little prayer for the gals (and Guys) that sell e-patterns on Ebay and have no other outlet, many are like me and Ebay has been helping ends meet.....I do pray they are able to find outlets to sell in and that they become successful........If anyone needs ideas on places to sell feel free to contact me I am always happy to help where I can!

Take Care


Mary said...

Annette, I do know how you feel..."dang" is NOT the word I used, but I agree, eBay has lost it's mind. Another seller in the same boat as we are posted to her blog as well and says she's going to send the link to all the news media. What good it will do is debatable. I sure wish somebody would bring them down for they are way too big for their britches and are ruining eBay. I'm a template maker, and with the rumors that eBay is going to a new listing format, making templates obsolete, I'm pretty much out of business. Yeah, I can make blog & Etsy banners, but as you know, not much profit in it. It's sad...

Best wishes for your continued success!


Huckleberry Arts said...

OH Mary I am sorry too I stopped making templates too I do still offer Custom I am gonne be taking the templates off the website completely I already pulled them in the Ebay store. Banners logos and a new thing I got into is Business card designs This is an option for you and Sigs too. OH check into http://instantprintables.com There is lots of graphics you could offer that would fit in email me I can give you some outlets that if you do graphics can fit right in and if you do templates it easy to adjust over to making them ........HAve you thought looked into digital scrapbooking designs it is one of the largest growing e commerce and really what is used it what we use to make out template Feel free to email me directly Would love to give you info

Have to take this Ebay thing and take it as a new beginning to our busines I doubt Highly Ebay will change any ofthis it woul meen they would have to admit they are wrong and well you know how often that happens

Glad to help so please feel free to contact me

Have a beautiful day and all the best!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Best of luck with the new website--


carol said...

Anette, I felt horrible when you told us of this,ebay new's. Im new to blogging but would like to add you to mine with a little ditty about your work. Esp the Etsy part of what you do. You have done sooo much for us at OFG I dont know what we would have done without you and Jan! Thanx so much !

Huckleberry Arts said...

Carol Thanks much and appreciate the add :)

I am hoping Etsy Grows OFG Sure has a wonderful showing for the group! And love seeing it grow will be wonderful When Etsy gets us all category out and buyers able to find us all I Love seeing everyone trying for treasuries and the OFG groups is just wonderful!!! Ebays loss is Etsys Gain YEA!!

You have a beautiful day!