Monday, March 31, 2008

Huckleberry Arts

Well I got lots of the collage sheets on Huckleberrys Almost all I still need to add the rest of the hang tags and then the christmas ones then will be all set

In doing all this though it takes time You can do it and think about other things too. So one thing I thought of and added to the website was Make your own Collections.

Which is simply you pick the collage sheet the collection and size I broke down the prices, and even can get the collection on CD.

And of course I always always add freebies to the collections

Hope you will enjoy this new feature for receiving the collage sheets

Click here to visit the website

There are freebies throughout the collage sheet pages too!

I am up for ideas too or I should say suggestions on what you would like to see for receiving collage sheets, getting anxiouse I guess Sales are already dropping Does go to show Ebay has the customer base hopefully they will find us Digital Desginers I added a bit to Etsy this morning.......So we shall see how things go hopefully well

Have a beautiful day and as always thanks for visiting

Oh and before all this happened with Ebay I had made a new halloween sheet up you can see here I am so getting ready for halloween I know to soon lol

Halloween Witches

Halloween Witches

Get rady for halloween projects with these new witches!

Great for your altered art!
Have ya seen ...

Price: US$1.99

Click for details

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~dani~ said...

Hey have been busy! And I love the idea of spreading the word via blogs on the pricing of art! Go for it sista!