Sunday, February 3, 2008

I was tagged

Well as I read my comments (wow yea I got comments!!) I see I got tagged ! Well Flora I defintaly will do then I will find five more to do! (Flora is the wonderful artist behind Bone Head Studios

I beleive one of the best New Artist to debute on Ebay and I can't wait to see what the new year brings her!

Okay 5 things about me

1) I am a mom of 6 married 14 years next month!! YEA!! So found my soul mate you just can't beat that feeling of knowing you are with the one you where meant to be.

2)I dyed my hair black a year ago I told everyone it was because I was bored being blonde (all my Life) but really it was because I kept on turning Greyer and Greyer LOL

3) Besides creating paintings,graphics and dolls I LOVE LOVE to cook. and lately my waist line is showing it oh wait what waist line LOL

4) uhhhh trying to think of a #4 Oh okay I grew up riding horses, training too, I rode Hunter Jumpers, exercised throroughbreds for the finger lakes race track in NY and even did rodeo (barrel racing)! Boy has it been awhile since I did that.

5)Gosh a # 5 well I really don't know umm well geesssshhh.....I guess most people don't know I also love to garden, I love too as a matter in fact yet again I don't get to do it as much as I like I grew up with flowers and my mom was always gardening so I guess that is where I get it from.

Okay I got my 5 listed I Will have to find me some people to tag!

How did I do Flora??

Have a beautiful day

1 comment:

Flora said...

You did fabulous Annette!
Wow the things you learn about your friends! you must have led one foot loose and fancy free lifestyle!