Monday, February 4, 2008

Potpourri and I wonder

I wonder if I am the only Stargate fan umongst us artist? So how go it any one enjoy Stargate SG-1 of course ( I do like Atlantis but still think not as good as the original)......I so miss it but only a little over another month and the first movie comes out.Ark of Truth Can't wait.......3/11/08

Okay anyways getting back to the artist world ;)

How about a break from my paintings and collage sheets (although I did create some collage sheets today look to the right :) but how about something that smells good in the house and something to make some $$ at craft shows and stores:

Our favorite Potpourri

1 gallon small 2" pieces of mixed evergreens up to 5 is great!!
1 qaurt small pincones
1 to 2 cups dried orange peels
1 cup cinnamon sticks broken
1 cup of whole cloves
1 cup coarse rock salt
1 cup dried berries or flowers
1/2 cup ofwhole allspice
10 to 20 drops of cinnamon oil

In a large bowl toss together first 8 indgredients. Sprinkle with drops of cinnamon oil, toss again to mix well.

You can put these in large clear baggies to sell I believe we used 1 qaurt bags. Add a little note to say Christmas potpourri, use in a bowl, or cut some holes to release scent

Or just put some in a bowl to sell.

Put some by your area of checkout and open one bag......people will grab them up!!

I add glitter sometimes to the mix too.

OH wow I got to post something 2 days in a row LOL!!!

Have a beautiful night and ENJOY!!!


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