Sunday, February 3, 2008

I got a little painting done...

Well the week flew by! As it always seems to do. I did do a template for a GREAT Artist love how the template came out for Bone*Head*Studios. but her work is truley amazing if you get a moment take a peek.

Amongst doing this I did a couple other orders and I finally got to start making items for Paint Shop Pro add ons something I have been wanting to offer for a few months now.

Of course did some new collage sheets too

I am just about done with my website YEA!! now the finishing work is the collage sheets on the website. Then of course I will be taking the freebie down from the mention below!

I did get a chance to paint this week which was a much welcome break these 2 are on ebay but here you can see Ms.Bess she is well I guess working on bone*head*studios I kinda took inspiration there for her

But I wanted to work on a new character for halloween this year I soooo love halloween, and well it is time for me to start. So this year I am working on a whole ne family the Mc Pumpkins! The first one to debut is Mac Mc Pumpkin

I have in the works on my desk 3 more and then I will be doing them throughout the year.

Well that is pretty much my week never enough time to do all I want I have some great fur I bought last week for a bunny we'll see if I get him done in time for Easter! maybe he might become a Christmas bunny LOL.....

Have a beautiful day and thanks for visiting!

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