Monday, April 13, 2009

ITs the 13th the best day of the month!!

Why is the best day of the month you ask, well because the
One of a kind originals hand made by some of thee very best holiday artisans in the United States have come together on Spooky Time Jingles to give you the original works of art only offered on SpookyTime Jingles!!

Always one of a kind originals. Even our signed artists who have pieces in reproduction only sell items on STJ that are exclusive to STJ and will never be reproduced when purchased!

Spooky Time Jingle Artist just got done with an Awesome Weekend displaying and showing off the wares of Artisans from SpookyTime Jingles at the National Halloween convention!! STJ ConventionBig hats off For Dani the owner of SpookyTime Jingles and Creator of the Wares at Ambitions Desigins. She did a wonderful job on coordinating and pulling in some of the STJ artist and show off at the Halloween convention! Never amazes the work Dani gives and her whole heart really for The Artisans of STJ. How cool is this she even gave day by day pictures of the Convention!

Amazing to see the Artisans all together it is something to be amazed at the website gathering but wow all together and shown off at the convention WOW. I applaud Dani When I grow up I want to be just like her. One of the hardest working artist I know, and not just for herself, but for every member of Spooky Time Jingles and the customers too. I am sure she wouldn't you mind coming at taking a peek at the Convention Pictures so you can get your eye candy satisfied! Grab your drool Rag !!

So today is the 13th and just like every 13th of the month the Artisans of SpookyTime Jingles have offered up a new batch of original items for your grabbing!

How awesome is it that when you buy from an STJ artist you are in possession of a finely crafted artisan piece that is one of a kind.  It is the  "only one in the world" and you own it!  Plus, now add the fact that you supported an artisan and their family vs. the big chain/retailers.  Buy Handmade and choose heirloom quality plus touch the life of someone who loves what they do for a living!

STJ Banner

Click on the banner above visit STJ, while browsing around take a read into the Artisan Bios, when you fall in love with the artisans its great to get to know them, and then swing on over to the Door Prizes! Yes I said Door Prizes original one of a kind pieces from the Artisans of STJ, and by golly sign right up, and then if your purchase a piece from any artists on the STJ site you get entered 10 more times into the drawing!! Yea how cool is that!

Want to keep up with events and happening of the STJ artist well I got the Blog to offer to you to, and oh well just keep the drool rag handy because you can find the links to every STJ artisans blogs!! So after the visit to the site take a stroll over to the blog, and then mark your calendars and come a visiting on the 13th of each month or just visit everyday like me and become a official STJ fan !




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