Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holy Moly Only........

20 more days till Christmas I am soooooo far behind ugh!!!!!!

and now its Friday again. Where does the time go.

History Channel has a great little tidbits on the History of Santa. I am a history buff in case you haven't noticed lol.

I watched on the evening news so many children left on the angel tree. I know many of us can't do an angle tree but if you can spare a little over a dollar there are Hot wheels and some little girl things that can be bought and put into the Toys For Tots collection.

If you create things Check with the local charities and see if you can donate something.

A little thing goes a long way when there is nothing.

I would love to put forth when you are buying for your Christmas Dinner this year to buy one item on your list and put it into any of the food drives. I personally have been buying extra can goods and plan on some boxes of candy canes, I was thinking the other day I wonder if they are OK but I bet they are and they last forever heck I forgot a box last year and found it again in the spring and they where still good, and whats Christmas without Candy Canes.

So please I totally understand that we are all meek times trust me still waiting to do the Christmas shopping here for the kids, but I bet we all have some loos change around that we could turn into a little toy or that extra non perishable food, that will help a family enjoy their Christmas a little more.

Have you ever seen a boy with those little Hot Wheels, little girls with some pretend jewelry or doll clothes even the little pretend baby bottles for dolls, Jacks for boys, an egg of silly putty, a punching balloon all these things can be bought for under $2 many right around a Dollar. These little things can be such a difference in a family that has nothing for Christmas

Oh and of course don't forget the Elderly the ones that are in the nursing homes, the neighbor that has no family near by. Bring them a Card, a plate of cookies, maybe some leftovers from the Christmas dinner. Something little means the world to those who have nobody on Christmas Day. Even to go in and sit with them on Christmas Eve or Day and listen and Share stories of Christmas.

Such little gestures are something everyone can do even for a few minutes.

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Ozarknana said...

Such beautiful thoughts from someone. If everyone did what you suggest the lives of many could be touched this holiday season. Blessings to you, you have a very kind heart...