Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something You Can do this year

I know with economy everything is hard. Its gonna be hard to take that Angel of the tree to buy for this year.

There are many churches in everyone's area that do put together baskets and gift packages for people that wouldn't get anything this year.

I saw in Walmart games for $5, many actions figures under $6 and Hot will are still under a dollar. So if you cannot do an Angel tree child. Grab one item and donate to a church or drop off for toys for tots. Even a little item like Hot wheels, a package of markers, a coloring book does wonders.

And for Thanksgiving, Churches and food banks will even take Just one can. I noticed our grocery store has Many canned goods under 75 cents. Our school does a can drive so we send in one each for kids (wish we could do more) but anyhow I think if everyone just picked up a can of vegetables, or a box/bag of stuffing, and donated it would mean the world to a lot of people,families, and children. Its sad to say there are so many worse off, I picture so many kids without anything to open, and families not having anything but maybe a loaf of bread for Thanksgiving. If all some of us can do is just one item that could add up to so much more.

If your Grocery store like ours puts up a place out front for Food drive. even if it means rolling up some pennies grab a little something to put into that offering. Go without one thing for Thanksgiving and give it to those in need.

Christmas when you are out shopping grab even a dollar item and donate it. If all the 100's of visitors that come here did that little thing think of how much ONE Person can make a difference


Pnk Geeni said...

this is a great post. i'm going to see if there is anything like this around here.

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this is good

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Your blog looks great!