Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sat Nov 8th 46 more days till Christmas!

Today I am gonna work on some graphics. Maybe put out some more Christmas decorations.

Can you believe only 46 more days to Christmas? Geesh I have a short list this year but still nothing checked off. I bet there are many this way this year too. I am thinking there is gonna be a bit of homemade gift giving this year which is fun too.

Kids keep naming what would be cool for Christmas I keep thinking maybe next year. I took out the Slat Dough Recipe the kids will be making ornaments.

I think the biggest Christmas Gift to Americans would be the Government to have a plan for our future. Wouldn't that be great! The song If we make it through December keeps on playing in my head.

But anyways (I know odd post for me) lol, but its whats on my mind. 46 days to go!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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