Sunday, November 16, 2008

Its kinda Chilly lol

Ok so we Really cooled down It is 54 degrees right now ya I know Wimp I am lol, but here in Florida that is cold. Matter in fact we are gonna be in the low 40's at night throughout the week!

Feels like fall for sure! Got me to thinking would be great week for the crock pot!
Wouldn't ya know it hubby has some free Crock pot recipes, Amish and Hot wing recipe e-books on the free download pages.

BTW he has a few download E-books if you are looking under fun and games some card tricks Yes I am defiantly thinking good week to stay in, except the few days I have to work this week. Also some Craft recipes too and a few more Free E-bookds, so come take a gander at at his new site Blockhead's Library.

I think I have it out of my mind now that I could handle the north's weather again I am freezing at 68 degrees in the house lol, not sure I could still hack the winters up north.........

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