Thursday, October 30, 2008

What to get the Hubby a Nikon of Course......

So Christmas is coming quick. And of course we are out looking for some great deals this year. I ran across

Purchase a qualifying Nikon ATB Binocular* from one of our authorized dealers and receive a FREE Nikon Pro Gear Promotional Gift Card! Visit to explore all the great Nikon Binoculars offered and choose the one that’s right for you!

You get a $50 gift card when you purchase one of the Monarch ATB binoculars, and a $25 gift card when you get either a Trailblazer ATB, an Action Extreme ATB, or a ProStaff binocular.

Now your hubby doesn't hunt. Okay these are great for Hiking, boating, or even just to have around the house. They would be great for sons too.

Is your hubby into Birdwatching? What better way to give him something that will give him close up glimpses of those beautiful birds.

Then you get a $25 to $50 gift card to use on yourself or tuck back for a an upcoming birthday. How cool is that.

Come Visit Nikon ATB Promotion and get one item off that Christmas list. This Nikon ATB Promo offer will continue up till December 31, 2008

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