Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its cold and potpourri

It is cold here in Florida tonight. Actually might have to bundle up in the morning. It feels good and making the upcoming Halloween Feel more like fall. Lovin it to bits.

I wanted to post a recipe this was one my mother did for years for craft shows So yummy smelling one of my favorites and I was thinking it might a nice addition for a seller for you all that do craft shows or gift shoppes. Or just make up a batch and make some pretty little bags with ribbons as Thank you enclosures for you customers you mail orders to this year.

Have a beautiful day!!

Mom's Christmas Potpourri

1 gallon small 2" pieces of mixed evergreens up to 5 is great!!
1 quart small pinecone's
1 to 2 cups dried orange peels
1 cup cinnamon sticks broken
1 cup of whole cloves
1 cup coarse rock salt
1 cup dried berries or flowers
1/2 cup of whole allspice
10 to 20 drops of cinnamon oil

In a large bowl toss together first 8 ingredients. Sprinkle with drops of cinnamon oil, toss again to mix well.

You can put these in large clear baggies to sell I believe we used 1 quart bags. Add a little note to say Christmas potpourri, use in a bowl, or cut some holes to release scent

Or just put some in a bowl to sell.
Put some by your area of checkout and open one bag......people will grab them up!!

I add glitter sometimes to the mix too.

You can always add a nice Thank you tag to each bag :)

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Jesse Mendez said...

Hi there I was looking through your blog and I like it, so I would like you to come and visit my blog here in San Diego.

I want you to come by and enjoy the different labels and music videos I have with the many artistic elements I use in my art blog.

See you soon :)

Kristine said...

Hey Annette!!!
Aaaah, I can imagine the smell of your potpourri from here!..lol..
Do you know of a source for the supplies for your potpourri recipe??
the greens in particular...
I live in an area with deciduous trees,(oak,hickory) very few evergreens!!
This would be great sewn up in ticking with a Chrissy image stitched to the front!!;-)

Huckleberry Arts said...

Me too Kristine Florida not much here. :) This is when you ask someone you know up north willing to take a flat rate box and fill it up for you. Also sometimes can find Fresh Evergreen wreaths near Thanksgiving about a 18" wreath is about a gallon :)

I also have a Spice potpourri I will be putting up tomorrow :) uses cinnamon sticks and a good one for us that live in the South and you need oranges :)

Have a beautiful day

ShellyRaeWood said...

Hey Annette.....Love the Christmas new look!! :) Thanks for the potpourri recipe.....sounds wonderful. This is my first Southern Christmas after 44 in Illinois. Should smell like home!! I AM looking forward to a warm and snow FREE Christmas this year. Not so sure about the snowman collection in South Georgia though!! LOL Shelly