Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gearing up for Christmas

Yes I know Halloween isn't even over, but really as sellers we need to be gearing up for Christmas. Time to make sure you got your items steadily listed, and maybe adding some Christmas Themes to your web pages.

Think I went overboard with my theme lol Bet you never thought I would put something so bright on my site huh !! LOL

And after the first song plays. Huckleberrys there is alot of Christmas music going. I do like alot of the old Christmas songs they are my favorite, but I put on some newer too :) Great to work to.

Are you doing any special promoting you are gonna do with your sales, adding a card in each sale and offering a special for a return to your customers to shop with you again.

Have some fun wrapping and tissue paper how about Thank you Tags (You know I sell instant printables) of Christmas and holiday tags :) Great to add to your items when sending and add a thank you handwritten to.

Hope you all are getting ready and sales begin to show up for all of us. Can't wait to see all the Christmas goodies offered this year :)

Have a beautiful Sunday

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