Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A special Award from Wymzee Art and another!

I am Very honered and humbled at this award. I received from wymzee art and friends. Would love for you to visit and read through the past honorees to there are many many wonderful artist on there.

Thanks so much Sandra!

Also another Forum I am on Primitive Swapping Room also gave me an honor of being a feature Artist ..........Geesh I am so humbled by all this makes for such a beautiful day!!

Thank you Char

Hope you will visit both.

Oh and well There is a freebie today and it is from me a painted hang Tag one of Santa I have never offered for free before it is on Primitive Swappers


Have a beautiful day and Thanks so much both of you!



trudette, said...

Congrats, you are a great artist !

blackmustard said...

Congrats on getting this wonderful recognition! Very cool :-)

Also, thanks for checking out my blog and commenting on my mendhi. It's just about faded away now, so it's nice to have those pictures to look at :-)

Sandra said...

You are quite welcome...Hugs Sandra