Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blog Backgrounds

Well I have decided to go ahead and start opening up orders for Custom Blog backgrounds. This will be first come first serve basis. I have been only doing a fw for friends and such and have been asked to do them So now that I have toyed with them enough and gotten how to get them into these blogs and look good on all screens I am going to go ahead and offer the Custom Blog Backgrounds with my Custom graphics.

Backgrounds like you see here on my blog are $25
If you get a banner (header) with the Blog background then it is $30 for both.
Will also include 3 column set up in this package if you like to have a 3 column.

Here are some new ones that are banner and background examples just custom made for thier respected owners:

Ambitions Design

Aah Surprise Delight Joy

Untold goodies

Here are a couple of just basic bacgrounds and banners

Basic backgrounds are $10 and with a banner $20 for both:


Kitsch N Sink Studios

If you just need a regulaur banner for your site then $15 is all it is :)

Now for a freebie for the day

Who couldn't use a sample of Coffee Mmmmmmmmmm

Have a beautiful day and if you are need og a new look for your blog give me a shout


sUz said...

hi aNneTte!

You know I'm a big fan of your work :)

Thanks for the free cup of coffee!

iN jOy,

Flora said...

Annette always great to see your fabulous offerings!!! I think I'll be ordering one of those new blog backgrounds with the 2 columns, Oh almost forgot... Tag your it!!!

stargirl@hatboss said...

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