Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lots going on.......

****Update*** 2:46 pm EST time I am Very Happy and releived our Flora of Bone*Head*Studios is safe and back online with the help of a generator!!! YEA!!!!!!!********

SpookyTime Jingles has updated The artist have defiantly put out their best. We are still waiting on word on how our fellow artist Flora of Bone*Head*Studio and Lance of Crescent Hill fared with Ike yesterday. I think waiting and not knowing is a horrible feeling I keep looking at photos of TX area and nothing but just more worry comes along.

So yesterday I kept myself busy Have lots new in my Etsy Shop. Made 2 printables for Instant printables they are also at the bottom of my blog. Crows seemed to be the theme of my day I guess Flora was on my mind lol......she always says she likes my crows So they definitely came out yesterday. I even have 2 crows I haven't listed anywhere yet :)

Also I decided after being asked to maybe do some more Stitchery doodles this year, that I would offer new designs for about a week on my blog at a time, So each design will be to the <-----Left and top of the blog, they are $2 and will be up for a week at a time. So if you like the design get it while you can. I will make a new design every week and put it on in place of the one that is up. They are Instant downloads so once you purchase through paypal you will get a download link and you simply save to your computer and print out You can click on the photo of the stitchery to see an enlarged view of the stitchery too.

I am finishing a really neat Auction Template I am doing and hopefully I can post a link on here for everyone to see once it is done. I am trying a new style with hers and so I have toe write the code and it is giving me a bugger of a time but thats okay the end result will be really unique and as unique and fun as her items!!

So thats my weekend in the nut shell. Keeping myself busy is the theme, and praying that our fellow friends are okay.

Hope everyone has a beautiful day Oh today is really the last full day to vote on the Etsy Challenge!!

Annette G.


Judy said...

Thank-you thank-you! I love your doodles!!! I'll be back checking for the new ones!!!!

Huckleberry Arts said...

Oh Great judy! Would love to see some finished ones .....thought you might like to see some new ones


Thank you
Have a beautiful day