Monday, September 8, 2008

Etsy Challenge Woo hoo!!

The new Week has begun on the Etsy Challenge! Lots of new goodies! Come vote!!

And I am happy and wowed that lil Fred made it to the weekly champion!! I thought for sure the vase would win in miniatures last week So thank you all who voted for lil Fred!

There is 2 new categories this week too! A Daily Challenge that changes daily! and a new Holiday category oh and it is a good one this week! All the way at the bottom of the thread. He didn't have enough entries for edibles so that category has gone and the new one will be this Holiday one What fun!!

Please be sure to visit and vote it is fun to watch the voting and then the weekly vote of all the past winners from the week before!!

If you notice above each category there are banner ads Please be sure to visit them there are some wonderful websites and shops to see!!

I believe he has some spots open to for advertising!

Have a beautiful day

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