Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ebay Buyers

Did you know you may not be seeing all the listings when you go into a category or search for an item. If you have Best matched on the top line you are not seeing all the listings, which I think is unfair as we all pay the same price. So when you search for a item or click by categories make sure to click on Newly listed or ending soonest so you get to see all the items offered on Ebay (No Wonder my views have been so slow today)

Below is the conversation I had wiht live chat because I couldn't find 2 items I have listed..........Geesh I can't keep up with the ever changing ebay lol

7:48:33 PM System
Initial Question/Comment: Listing Your Item
7:48:38 PM System
Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
7:48:38 PM System
You are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
7:48:48 PM System
Cristian A. has joined this session!
7:48:48 PM System
Connected with Cristian A.
7:48:53 PM Cristian A.
Hello, thanks for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Help! My name is Cristian. How may I help you?
7:49:30 PM huckleberryartsauctions
I listed some items and I notice 2 one from this morning and one from this evening ar enot showing up in search category that they are in
7:50:16 PM huckleberryartsauctions They should be in this category
7:50:54 PM Cristian A.
I’d be happy to help you with that!
7:52:03 PM huckleberryartsauctions
Okay please do?
7:52:49 PM Cristian A.
Please give me a moment to look into this.
7:52:55 PM huckleberryartsauctions
7:53:29 PM Cristian A.
Can I have the item number of the listing that is not showing on the search page?
7:54:28 PM huckleberryartsauctions
7:54:29 PM Cristian A.
Oh, is it the Halloween Pumpkin Gourd mini Huckleberry Arts original listing?
7:54:51 PM huckleberryartsauctions
7:54:56 PM huckleberryartsauctions
7:56:41 PM Cristian A.
Okay, when you're on the "Gourds" subcategory, make sure that you set the Sort By into "Newly Listed"
7:57:05 PM huckleberryartsauctions
Why don't I show up in the best matched? I have high DSR's
7:57:51 PM Cristian A.
In best match, what will appear first are items that has free shipping..
7:57:52 PM huckleberryartsauctions
And does everyone have to click Newly Listed to be able to see these items
7:58:30 PM huckleberryartsauctions
Oh must of missed that change in ebays announcments.........So only if we offer Free shipping it shows in best match
7:59:27 PM huckleberryartsauctions
Now looking at the category under Best Match there are a FEW listings that are Not Free shipping..................
7:59:31 PM Cristian A.
Not really, but they will have a better exposure for Best match, meaning, your item will appear first before those not offering free shipping./.
8:00:08 PM huckleberryartsauctions
So DSR has nothing to do with it anymore..........
8:00:35 PM huckleberryartsauctions
And also Do buyers always get the best match items only when they click on categories to view
8:00:51 PM Cristian A.
They are not offering free shipping but they are using feature upgrade.
8:01:11 PM Cristian A.
yes, Best match is the default page..
8:01:24 PM Cristian A.
So they need to switch the Sort By option..
8:01:51 PM huckleberryartsauctions
ok Well guess that is good to know, Is this known to buyer then that to view all items in the category that they have to choose something other than best matched?
8:02:51 PM Cristian A.
Yes, based on my experienced, they always change the Sort By option..
8:03:04 PM Cristian A.
Like Ending Soonest if they really need the item,,
8:03:25 PM huckleberryartsauctions
Okay ........that answered my question Thank you for your time. guess Iwill go out and promote more for the auctions
8:04:01 PM Cristian A.
You're welcome! It's my pleasure. Would be anything else I may assist you with tonight?
8:04:13 PM huckleberryartsauctions
No that is it Thank you

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