Friday, September 26, 2008

Auctions More

Who me and toodles sold yesterday woo hoo and they are going to wonderful homes :)

Rod let me add a couple of his items last night Potty Mouth which is my favorite of his, and IZ, and som eof his block printing.

Some auctions are 3 days some 5 days I will be adding more this evening I hope. This week just seems like to much to do and things getting interupted. Haven't even dabbled in any painting and such all computer, and Yesterday whoo hoo I was at the school My 2 younger sons received student of the month at school was fun to see both of them receiving that. One is in 2nd grade and other is in 4th.

So I better get back to work The freebie Santa tag below ends tonight so if you haven't downloaded it grab it today!!

Take a gander at the new auctions if you have the time Some real goodies on there........and happy to see hubby have some on.

Have a beautiful day

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