Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its my 100th Post WOO HOO

So all together there was 19 numbers put into Random Number generator (as that is how many posted and told me something about them, and we came up with the #8 as the first number #3 and #13 for the winners so...
#8 Terri of Prim Creek is my winner of the $20 Certificate Woo Hoo!

#3 is Chris


# 13 Is Lisa Gallup From Spirit Thing Studio

Chris and Lisa both get to choose 3 collage sheets of mine OR one of my ooak ACEOS from my etsy Shop!!

Woo hoo!! So happy and Thanks everyone who participated, Don't worry I will be throwing up a freebie soon on the blog for everyone!

Now also have some awards YEA :)

Candy Of Howling Moon Designs Gave and Pammi of Grits Greens and Cornbread me this Award !! How Cool

Judy from Come Gather at my Table!!

Which I am Woo hooing over yea and thank you!

I need to nominate 7 and actually it is hard because I do know so many awesome primitive artist (just look at my blog links lol) So this will be some of my choices but not nearly all that I think are way Awesome!

Lisa of Skunk Hollow Country Store

Kristine of Kitsch N Sink Studio

Cathy Of Primitive Peddlers

Terri Of Prim Creek

Kirrly of Five Roses Prim and Pretty

GoldieLoo Woodworks

Robin Bird in the Hand Primitives

And if you go to my Blog links There is more LOL I would nominate all the prim gals I know they all do wonderful primitives and always an inspiration to me.

Then My dear Friend Flora of Bone*Head*Studios gave me I Love your blog Award!!

Okay again there are so many Blogs I love and enjoy so another hard one! And Flora right back at ya but I wont put ya yours is one of my favorites!!


Here are my 6 choices that I have been visiting alot over the last few days and I love keeping up with.

A Time For Primitives

Spooky Time Jingles

Etsy Challenge To much fun watching the voting!!

Blockhead Rods (especially when I need a laugh!) not that I don't hear it all the time LOL

The Holiday Queen

Kim Hardt Originals

Now I still have to do Show your tools which I am gonna try my best to get done tomorrow

Have a beautiful night and Congrats winners of the 100th post!!! Woo hoo



Lisa Gallup said...

Thank you Annette!! I just sent you an email with my addy. :)

Skunk Hollow Country Store said...

Thank you Annette...((big Hugs))..Lisa

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Thanks so much for the award Annette. I truly appreciate it.
Your a sweetheart! Bet you are glad the kiddo's are back to school. At least some of them.

Have a great weekend.


Kristine said...

Awww, thank you so much Annette!!!


Kristine said...

Hi Annette!!!

Just read about your poll...
You forgot option 5...which is...

"Yes, you and I both are out of our minds!!"...rofl!!!;-D

hugz to you!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Huckleberry Arts said...

LOL I am glad to be out of my mind with a good crowd lol.......My mind never stops



~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Thanks Annette!!!!!! ~~Pam