Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Give me ......

Your opinion........

So I have been toying with an idea researching it and seeing if it might be a good marketing idea for artist my type of artist The Primtives,Country,Whimsical,fun clay creations, and needful things and whatever else falls into our type of world........for our type of buyers, stores and gift shops.

There are many Promo ideas out there in our internet world, that artist can get into and buyers can get lots of samplings Yet there really isn't one for Primitive, whimsical, rustic, vintage collage and altered artist.

So my question would you send in samples and business cards, or your promos to a person that sends out all the items from participating artist to buyers that have signed up to buy and receive the box of samples. Of course the buyer will receive these samples,promos, cards, like relieving a gift in a mail.And very nicely packaged.

I am really thinking about offering this. The name I keep coming back to is "The Untold Goodies" (Yes I even got the blog for it) Though I also like another name so we shall see.

I am thinking if I decide YES for a Oct offering and then every three months after that.

What would the seller have to do Send samples, promos, or business cards.

What does the person have to do to receive the promo packages. Simply buy

I am thinking of offering 3 different promo packs

A $10, a $20 and a $35 promo packs of course that price includes all the shipping.

I will also be marketing to Gift Shops and Craft Shops across the US.

I am also toying with offering an International Promo Pack too. But a one priced one that items can all fit in a Flat Rate envelope and this would really depend on what the sellers send in. Because of overseas shipping It really needs to be worth the buyers.

But I would love feedback on this lingering idea of mine.

I think it is a great way to get your business, items and such out there. And of course me I will defiantly help out the sellers on the best way to market their items

So whats your part Take the poll on the right there is one there for sellers Simply YES NO OR Possibly, I even put Annette you have lost it LOL........

Yes meaning you would be game to send in Samples OR Business Cards, Or Promo cards or all three

No meaning Nope not interested in promoting my business this way.


Possibly meaning I Would like to see what the blog looks like and how many buyers you may have interested in receiving the untold goody bag

ONE thing for sure This whole Idea is going to be strictly done I really want this for the Artist the main thing is the "Budgeted Artist" ones that don't have a lot to spend but want to get noticed. The undiscovered artist. The artist wanting to build their business.

And I would also hold the right to say no to any business. As we do want to send items that appeal to buyers. and I will not allow any BOUGHT items This is strictly HANDMADE.

So let me know your thoughts The good the bad the ugly

Oh hmmm this is the 99th post isn't it?

So the next one will be 100!!! Wooo Hoo so make sure to scroll down and see how to enter for the giveaway for the 100th post

And please vote and please feel free to leave comments or even email me

Have a beautiful day


oodlekadoodle said...

I voted I feel you have something going here...
Will add you to my blog and hope you do the same...


Huckleberry Arts said...

Thanks and will do


Have a beautiful night

Judy said...

Annette I think this is a wonderful idea! I would definitely be interested!

Joann said...

I think I might like to participate. I do ACEO's (miniature paintings) and china painting...I'm not sure how many samples of china painting I can provide as they take hours to do painting multiple times and firing in between each painting in a kiln but I could try to do a couple small pieces. And I can give you business cards.

Good idea...thanks for coordinating this.

Joann Wheeler

Huckleberry Arts said...

Great feedback Thank you...The biggest thing to think of with "samples" is keeping it small. Items people will keep on around their desk area.

It is just that a Sampling of work :)

Brochures, business cards, discounts on first purchase.

Aceos are WONDERFUL, lil things I wouldn't say you would want to go over a value of $15. You want to let the buyer get an "idea" of your offerings, to let them see what you have and interest them into your shop,website,store etc :)

Thanks much for the feedback hope we get lots more ideas and votes

Have a beautiful day

ShellyRaeWood said...

SOunds like an intriguing idea ANnette. I'm definitley interested. LMK if I can help!! :::Smiles::: Shelly

Kristy said...

This is my honest opinion here, but I think it's just copying the idea of the Little Black Box. My 2 cents

Huckleberry Arts said...

Well Kristy You are right,

but again the little block box also is from what alot of Artist and Designers have been doing for years paying for Representives to do for them to get them out into the industry. So really it is Taking the idea of the Art industries Representives getting rid of paying the Representives thier commision and also giving the shops and potential buyers a place to get before commiting and not having representive hounding them.

The little block box is great But not geared to the primitives and My type of art world like most my fellow artist and friends create and do.

So this IS my take on it for the type of Art we create here and where I know who and how to market and know the shops and businesses to approach for primitives, whimsical and the art designers that the little black box wouldn't cater to "our crowd" but thanks for pointing that out I should of put that in my original post but again I am happy to answer any questions.

We are a totally different world from the little black box as far as the crowd we would cater too.

okay 97% of the time I susspose there are a few shops that would carry both.but for the most part Primitive Whimsical buyers are usally way different than say the Surreall artist,pop culture,and such

Anyways you get what I mean

Have a beautiful day

pammi said...

Hi Annette:
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Good luck!

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