Friday, July 11, 2008

A Time For Primitives July

Well it has been such a busy busy week, But so full of artist I think my brain has taken in so much Art it has really swelled! I got to create some wonderful banners for some of the artist on Spooky Time Jingles. When I got to thinking I didn't post my monthly ATFP .......I did honestly go to do it last Sunday but as usual something else had come up. Truley we need to add a few more hours to the days.......

On my A Time For Primitives page this month, I added some of my woodsie characters.My favorite is The snowman

He is a little bit larger at 7 x 5 1/2. I just adore the face he ended up with! I Also have one of my fun Mr.Whiskers Cat series and a great Pumpkin man. A Time For Primitives also did a wonderful beach theme and the artist did a great job on adding to the collection, I painted a 1 1/2 inch wood magne,OOAK signed and dated. I live near the beach so I have lots of inspiration around me.Love the beach such a place to go to relax and calm, and take in all Gods beautiful Artwork!

Speaking of God Keepers of the past on ATFP has this WONDERFUL Bible box absolutly Love it

Okay back to the beach hee hee, Out on a Whim did this wonderful collage. Where I am located out we don't get very many shells and when we do they are never bigger than the palm of your hand.(I have small hands) I do miss visiting a beach and finding a shell and "listening" to it Love the soft colors in this piece.

Sassafras Hill Primitives oh do I Love this I love old bottles! And this just jumped right out at me this month!

Then Flip Flop just captures the whole idea of a day at the beach This little critter so reminds me of my little Ella! Just having fun on the beach and enjoying some sweet watermelon! And whoo cares where the sand goes on the body LOL, Created by Lisa of Skunk Hollow

Howling Moon has a wonderful Altered Art Beach box what a great place to tuck away your treasures!!

There is some WONDERFUL halloween items taking a great appearence too!

And I am gonna end with a wonderful piece by Cameo Moon I just love this little boy

I hope you all can come take a peek and please visit the Treasured Finds page and click on Of Interest page. You will find a wonderful Slideshow from some of the artist on A Time For Primitives of the beaches everyone lives near.

Click here to start your venture

Hope everyone has a beautiful day

PS: Spooky Time Jingles Opens Sunday the 13th!! This Sunday so I need to get in gear and take pictures and get ready!!! Wow its almost here!!!

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