Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Etsy items but not from me...YET

My Hubby Has got items going in his shop YEA blockheadrods

He makes his own paper wich is AWESOME I have some set aside to paint on hee hee. The texture in them is just wow he definatly has a nak for it.

He is doing lino cuts. Which I got to say is a long process lol, definatly a patience thing I don't have. He draws each piece onto a block then carves out with this little carving knifes. Now if he messes up the whole thing is trash Yea not for me lol. He then lays out special ink and uses a brayer. Rolls rolls and rolls some more into the ink. Then lays the ink onto the block he has carved and then presses and I mean press the paper and block. Lost a rolling pin to this lol

Here are a few of my favorite. okay an yea I played I have a crow I am messingwith and maybe someday will finish

I am big Eygpitian fan I Love the history these this is my favorite

So peaceful so relaxing and what strength in prayer

I am not a big butterfly fan in case you haven't noticed I am not to girly lol, but I was quite taken by this I Love the butterfly but also the textures that came out in this print. So flowing.

Hope you will visit he has more and more he is working on to print.
He also is writing too some neat things in the works

His etsy Shop Click Here

Have a beautiful day my blogging friends!



Anonymous said...

Thank you my love,
Blockhead Rod

~dani~ said...

Very Very cool!!