Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Bessy and Abatha are finally done! Yea that doll I showed you last month on thepiece of muslin I had drawn out Well she is finally finished and her Crow friend Abatha too.
I am actually quite happy with her and the crow as I have been wanting to go more whimsical with my dolls, like my painting, and though many days she just sat looking at me, and I would work on her here and there, for a whimsical ghosty Doll I am pretty pleased with her, and I so love Abatha the Crow But you knew that I love my crows lol She is at my Etsy Shop.

But wait another thing I have been messing with is my new magnets. These are so fun to make a little time consuming but fun. I only offer my paintings as one of a kind I never do prints of my aceos and such, but some I have always wanted to do more with them so after getting the paintings the way I wanted them to be and printed with archival ink,I have made them into magnets. So it is a fun new way to collect my little creations. I use the neo earth magnets on them so they are super strong, after adhering them to the wood piece (scrabble tiles) I do a finish on them to good a good age to them. I will be offering them in my Etsy Shop Soon, and also in a couple shops I am in up north in NY.

I would love feedback on these ideas of the magnets do you like them, they will be $5 each. Is there anything else you would like to see on the magnets?

Thanks for looking have a beautiful day all!

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Kristine said...

I love your new offerings!!!
Your doll is wonderful, and those magnet tiles....SO CLEVER!!!!!