Monday, February 18, 2008

Babycake Designs is on Prim Talk Radio

A close online friend of mine is on Prim Talk Radio take a listen at

Click here for the Radio Show:

She did a great job!!

I am slowly pluggin away at my website I have dedicated the next 3 days to working and getting the website done I finished the intro page and the marketplace now just doing all the rest! LOL I am real happy with the look being acheived I Worked 8 hours getting the intro page Graphic done BUT so happy with it. Think I finally acheived a feel I want for huckleberrys YEA.........Oh gonna have a little giveaway at the end of the week too on Huckleberrys So make sure to check it out probably Sat but shooting for Friday!

Have a beautiful day

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A gathering Place for Eclectic Artisians said...

Hi Annette....Thanks so much for the kind words..I did my best!!