Friday, July 10, 2009

A Fellow Artist Father is missing Please READ !!!

HERE IS THE LINK TO BLOG FOR PICTURE PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK AND SEE IF YOU HAVE SEEN HIM !! This is a Fellow Artist KitCameo Her post from her blog is below Please take a good look and visit links You would want everyone to look if it was your father then if you haven't PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!! THANK YOU

ATTENTION! This note was written by Noah Korda today at 1:03am on Facebook. For some reason every link I send out to the note only redirects to the FB homepage, so I'm reposting his message here! PLEASE spread the word and FIND THIS MAN!!

RT on Twitter with the hashtag #FindBOB

UPDATE: Here is a banner his son made with a photo of the make of his car:

I dont know where to begin. PLEASE HELP. MY FATHER IS MISSING.Hi guys,I know this is going to sound like another bogus chain email but I assure you that it is not. I personally dont know how I am keeping it together at the moment.My father has gone missing and I need help.

I know that sometimes sending out messages like this can help locate people. I am asking for any help at this point. Someone might have seen him.

The police is not really doing anything about it other than just reporting it as a missing person. The best part about all of this is that his cell phone is on and I know that they could do a tracking on it to locate him. They cant do anything without a court order which I am going to try and get, before his cell battery dies.

My father left Thursday 7/9/09 morning @ 7:45am to go to a job and never made it to the job. The job called the person who booked him the job and said that he never showed up.

He left from the Van Nuys area. Major cross streets Woodman & Victory. His destination was to be in Hollywood at the Gower Studios at Sunset & Gower.

He was driving a white 1994 Geo Metro. I dont have the license plate but will get it. My father is the type of person that is right to the point so he would have just taken the most obvious route. Victory to the 170 to the 101 to Gower. But at this point who knows. He is also the type of person that wouldn't really go somewhere with out telling someone. Its like he just disappeared into thin air.

Name: Robert Korda

Age: 69

Height: 5'5"

He is in good health

Any info would be great since we are at a total loss. We have contacted all the hospitals and police stations and there has been no one with his description at all. This is why I am now going to cyberspace since it seems that normal channels are not helping.

Any info can be emailed to me @

As much as I would love emails that say Im sorry for your loss, please do not send this kind of emails to the email account or to this post. Thank you for this your understanding.

Any info that can help would be greatly appreciated. My family is a mess right now and we dont know what else to do. You can repost this to other groups if you need to.

Thank you.
Noah Korda

NEW INFO: My Father's License plate number from the car he was driving.CA 3GPJ453 1993 White Geo Metro

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