Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I did today

Working on my website today I cam with a new conclusion that just moving my items over to the website isn't gonna work for me. So most my items that have been sitting in my Etsy shop I am going to send to a consignment shop I am in up in Upstate NY. This is new for me I usually send some up north and some into my website.

So my thinking is it will get me into gear to create all new for website. I also decided to bring back my collage sheets to the wCollage sheet 1 and 2 ebsite Which I had on a blog. Where you can still find some I do not offer on the website. I had taken a long break from my collage sheets after we could not offer downloads off Ebay which really hurt my business last year. I have had many people ask me to bring them back again So I will and I also will be adding new each week. 

I am hoping doing all this is gonna give me the punch I need to get back to creating something new and artistic each day. Like I use to. Sometimes life gets so busy with so many new things going on it is hard to get back into gear of creating.I am busy I know that but even before a job outside the house and the time with  I made the time to create. Sio that is my goal Something new Creative for the Website each week and new collage sheets for everyone to use. Of course freebies on my blog too, like always. Did you get my newest Easter Collage sheet of my blog? of course as with the freebies and paid for sheets you can use my sheets for Art for sale :).


I do have 5 sculptures in the work and am quite happy with the time have to spend on them they will be on Spooky Time Jingles I actually had a bit of time to work on them and with Custom Graphics being down this week. I really got to make them more characteristic than I have been able to do the past few months. The new ones will be on the April 13th update YEA.

Needless to say want I want to tell ya all with the sales being down it is a good time to look at your business what needs to be changed, what needs to be grought back. Where you should move items to if they are not selling on a venue try it in another you have. Always keep your business fresh to others, to your old customers and also to the new people stumbling upon you. Try new things! I just opened a Artfire shop and am really impressed by the ease of listing and all the extras on Artfire. It is good for sellers and buyers. I am Huckleberry Arts on Artfire also I ahve been Huckleberry Arts since 2001 and I do go by the nickname Huck lol I nickname I received at the Chat room at BHR.  I Welcome all artist to visit BHR with the Artisan Challenge, the showcase, and the live shows. It isa wonderful promotional tool for your business. BHR is running an Awesome Radio Ad Special for Artist , and also the Artisan Challenge is Free for artist and a GREAT way to reach buyers, and the weekly showcase is just a Great investment for $5.

So take this slow time get out showcase your shop reach buyers, Freshen up your shop. By the end of April you will be seeing a pick up in sales. I just wrote a blog post about Artisan Sales on the internet and ups and downs.

Till next time have a beautiful day!




Alice said...

This sounds like a great idea. Where in upstate New York are your items. I am from upstate NY. Beautiful country up there.

Huckleberry Arts said...

Hi Alice

I have the link above my profile on the blog maybe I should move it..

Yes beautiful in upstate I grew up there :) I was by Fultonville NY