Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Isn't it Amazing

Along time ago like last fall I was asked to share my studio........not that I have my own studio, but I have my own space lol. Well I cleaned it up today and organized it Woo hoo!!! Now that is amazing. There usually isn't much time for that but you know when you get to the point you can not do anything else because your work are is such an array........well I got to that point today and Wall Laa All set to work again and go forward and thought oh now is the chance to share!!

So here ya be presented by my Daughter Ella lol

These are my 2 desk and little cabinets, The long desk is where I paint and create at the computer Desk is good as I can look out the window.

We have to keep my paint drawers up and away from my lil Jesse May. She knows how to open them, unlike when Garrett was little I let him play with the bottles as he would build things with them lol....

and yes I have More paint than that lol What you don't see in the pictures is 6 foot cabinets in my Kitchen and in the other side of the living room that is filled with my items Oh wait Rod has one side of them lol........

Always A Squirt next to my Desk lol its my really bad habit of drinking Soda, But I have weened myself off Pepsi and Mountain Dew Which I think is good lol.........I keep little notes on my lil boards you see on the wall My mom made me them they are great Just like Cork boards but made from re cylced ceiling tile and she covers them with fabric :)...above my desk is some little items given to me as of late. As you see on my printer on top of paint one of my favorite pieces from Ambitions Design, and Charlie a lil prim doll I won last year :) and an arrangement from my mom! See th Ribbon on the side of my paint cabinet that hangs there I just ran a string through the holes, and waa laa ribbon there to use.

You can see some of my works in progress on my desk Lately it takes about 3 weeks to finish anything !! See all my paint brushes literaly I do not throw brushes away I have some in there that are close to ten years old!!! But even when they get out of shape there is always a use to them, I have a whole little tote yet in my cabinet too lol.........there should be a special program for that I know.

This is where I take my pictures too as you can see I use my hubbys light that they are move able and can get some decent lighting and those are bamboo place mats I use for backdrops love the colors of them and the texture.

And well not really in my work space but in the same room and one of my favorite places to see in the room is my Shelf of Goodies From variouse artist.......They are my most treasured possessions, at least of course not counting family....and my Ellas Pony From Flora of Bone*Head*Studios she got for her Birthday....Ella wants her up there to keep her safe as she says lo, though I love having her up there with all the other wonderful goodies. I have Pumpkin Seed Originals Skully and baby to which I love, Crescent Hills Snowman WAY AWESOME!! Candy Corn that was part of some other goodies on another Shelf From Skunk Hollow Country Store, a Way awesome and now my all time favorite Santa from Kitsch N Sink Studio, and Boo who is From Ambitions Design and my favorite little buddy in the world, and also a snowman from Ambitions Design, a Prim angel From Terri of Prim Creek which she has been hanging somewhere in my house lol for the past few years love her so much.........and the newest addition to the shelf Is My Kitty Puss in Boots From one of the most Awesome Friend From Prims Down Under Shagsy..........Love his smile and always makes me smile when I look at him! and by the way you can find all these artist on blogs on my links on the sidebar :)

Oh and excuse the icky paneling walls if we didn't rent I would have those babies changed in a heart beat lol!!

Ok so there ya go a little bit of me..............and sorry it took so long lol!!!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love all the pictures! It's great to see a little of where you live and work :)

~dani~ said...

Hi sweetie! What fun to see where you work your magic, thanx for sharing!!


AlteredGypsy said...

Thanks for sharing your workspace...So neat and tidy!

Woot to Ella

TiLT said...

Thanks for the tour. Its so nice and cozy...looks like it feels just like home :)and bonus - we got to see Ella! hi Ella!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

I am impressed...it is sooo tidy!! My space is in my kitchen dinning room....I get a corner for me and my stuff.