Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I want to Challenge You........America

This year when you are out Shopping Take a double look at your item you are buying. Turn it over look at the label Does it Say Made in the USA?? No then Set it down and look for a similar item made int the USA.

I have heard a big complaint being Toys there are no American Toys anymore I invite you to look at all the Handmade Toy makers there are on the internet.

I also came across a website that list MADE IN THE USA Toys http://www.stillmadeinusa.com/toysngames.html

They also list:
* Accessories
* Apparel
* Appliances
* Baby Gear
* Bed & Bath
* Green Products
* Handcraft Artisans
* Home Decor
* Kitchen & Dining
* Sporting Goods
* Tools
* Toys & Games
* Yard & Garden

I noticed the other day when looking for Totes to do some storage with That Rubbermaid was made in China UGH ....moved on to the cheaper brand turned it over and to my wonderful surprise IT was MADE IN THE USA its Sterlite !! YEA...

I also have founs lately that Kool aid pitchers (2 Qt Pitchers), cups and dish container for drying dishes Made in the USA and Get this Cheaper than any other brand!!

It has taken a little more time to do shopping just a few minutes but it is totally worth it. We as Americans need to help fix America We cannot depend on our Government. The more you buy Made in The USa the more demand we put into the American Companies they then hire more workers and so on and so on........We can make a difference, if we all do our part.

Maybe in a few years we will see more Made in The USA than what we do now.

Just think Taking that extra few minutes to look at the labels helps save a job here in the USA.........Its our time as Americans To step up and start supporting our fellow American Companies, and our fellow American Workers that are losing Jobs left and Right.

... Please Buy Made in USA!!! Make a difference!!!


Valorie said...

Thanks for this! Great post.

MooreMagnets said...

Thanks so much for this site! Great post!!!

Athena said...

Thanks for the link! I'll check it out soon.

By the way, I've given you the Lemonade Award over at my blog.

Kristine said...

Hi Annette!!!
Wonderful reminder to the folks out there!!..Already been doing this for years...Ya know what really gets me is Americana items made to deceivingly look hand-made...find a label...Made in China!!!...GRRRRR....
I have boycotted the shop selling those items.

Mike Batson said...

I've heard it said that if it can be delivered by a container-ship, it will be made where labor is cheapest or if it can be delivered by a wire it will be oursourced.
Both are true unless WE (the consumers) do something about it.
I have a small company that makes leather products in Rural SC- we've always produced here and would never think of going overseas. But other "American" Companies like "Coach" and "Wilsons" have no problem with it- its bad for the economy, not to mention the quality of the products.