Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is Change?

Breaking News Treasury Gives $386 Million to 23 Banks, First Awards Under Obama 4:36 pm Jan 27 2009 (reported by Cnn.com

I know I don't usually get political on this blog but geesh this is change? This is part of the Stimulus?

I don't recall that banks where suppose to get more $$$ What about the BILLIONS that most can't account for in the Fall!

Well off my soap box now, ............can't wait to read this story once reported!

Again as all that really know me I say We as Americans are gonna have to fix America and everyone can start by trying there best to stop buying Made in China..........


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Huck... I absolutely AGREE 100% with your post! Us Americans need to STOP BUYING art, things, etc. in CHINA. WE MUST as a WHOLE NATION BUY AMERICAN! We have so many talented people in this country and it's a shame that "we" have allowed what has happened. It stops now and we all must pull together, really pull together and make it happen. There is no if's, but's, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Kristine said...

Me TOOOOO Annette!!!
Did you hear me screaming all the way down there???...LOL...
I gotta go find that button again that said "American Crafts should be made by Americans!!!"
OH!!!!...Or perhaps could you make one!! pretty please?? ;-D
Hugz to you and yours!! xoxo