Monday, January 5, 2009

Looking Back

I sometimes get going through my hope chest (I really need 2 hope chest lol) Sorting it the other day came across some old pictures f the gourds and pots I use to paint.

Its interesting to see some really I use to paint 30 to 50 different pots and gourds a week and load them up take to my mom and she brought to her place int he Adirondacks. My mom was always the wisdom and thought behind ideas, she brought a gourd to me back when no one new what a gourd was and we would have to explain what they where and that they would last as a birdhouse. LOL now seems almost everyone knows what a gourd was. Mom finds the best yard sales and such too. Have gotten so man treasures from her finds. But she would bring me pots and I would paint them (after brother shot holes in the bottom lol) and the after I painted them she would fill them up with flowers. The photo below is some of my earliest painting on pots, kinda fun to see I don't even paint that way anymore.

Thought I would take you down a trip of memories with me, and show some past work as I never offered these in the internet they where strictly items I made for mom. I think the only Gourds I ever sold on the internet where my snowman and Santa, and a few birdhouses but not the ones with the Wilderness animals. Thought it would be fun to share.

I am now working on dolls that are completely inspiration from my Daughter Ella who is just 4 Her drawings are such fun and she does the most whimsical people. I got quite a few painted over the weekend now I just need to get home before it gets dark to take pictures. I let Ella name these new creations they are called Oobers. and the name is fitting for them lol and promise to get some listed this week

I even got my hands in the clay over this weekend, and started some clay Oobers some will be for Spooky Time Jingles update on the 13th! And a Special Holiday Valentines will be featured!!

So here they are pieces of my past, 2001 maybe 2000 but pretty sure year was 2001 lol Darn memory lol:


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those are really cute Huck - your so talented!

Ginny Diezel said...

Love the blog and the pics! I used to paint on gourds - actually, I have some in the garage, and I may just get back to them in the New Year! and you are right - a lot of people didn't know what they are. I was painting on them in 1991! Yikes! A long time ago!

Artisan Memories said...

I really love your Art work Annette.
Wow your talent doesnt surprise me at all!!!
Those are wonderful memory pieces you have there!!!
Laura Ann