Friday, November 21, 2008

A weekend must do.........

If you haven't yet make sure while you are out this weekend, shopping for Thanksgiving, pick up an extra can of food, stuffing, some non perishable food and donate to a local Church, or Salvation Army,American Red Cross, or even Catholic Charities. Some grocery stores have spots out front to drop a can good into to.

Even in this tight time I think most of us could go without one item from our Thanksgiving dinner table to give a little to those families that won't have anything.

It is a wonderful thing to help others, there is many this year that are struggling, and may not have a place to turn. For such a little thing given from many people can add up to such a good thing to let a mom being able to offer something for the Thanksgiving Dinner that may not of been a Father to look down at the table carving a Turkey that may not of been on the table without the help of others, and then know you helped that family enjoy at least one good day of family, and friends.

Have a beautiful day

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old world primitives said...

Great post... helping others is a rewarding experience for all involved!