Saturday, October 18, 2008

With the way things are

This year seems to be a harder year for us that sell our wares as part as the home income.....personally I know sales are down on my end.

Was thinking how about you? what are you doing to try and get your sales going again? To make it through the next few months.

I personally am having more sales, I did the gift tag blog hoping maybe some might like to have their own printable gift tags. I am starting some new items that are less expensive. I also been having some sales like the Buy one get one half off in the Etsy Shop, (though sales don't even seem to help much)

Maybe we could all share ideas and help each other with promoting and mentoring each other.

Any new places to advertise? I made up some new flyer's today to hand out locally.Searched some forums but seems no one allows adding links for your handmades anymore.

Last year I did a raffle but ended up to where I don't like those I think if people spend some money even a dollar for a ticket they should be getting something in return (mind you I am SOOOOOO grateful for the ones that did enter the raffle and I did send out something to everyone it still wasn't wanted I wanted. I want people to actually really want what they are purchasing)

I do the printables but boy they really seem down this year. and you can see my new pattern below and I am working on another boy do I admire you that make these patterns Lots of time involved.

So this is my "thought" post of the week lol maybe more of a rambling huh, but there it is.........

And if your sales are not down this year congrats That is Wonderful!

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