Thursday, October 9, 2008

Whats New and a Preview of STJ

Just loaded some new items into my etsy shop

and there is more! I actually got 7 items on tonight

And then a preview of a new item that will be on SpookyTime Jingles October 13th

This is lil ebner probably one of my favorite "lil" creations to date he is a snowman ornie

I have a couple more new items but you will have to wait till the 13th to see on

Don't forget the freebies below and that the Halloween tags and printables will be replaced with Christmas soon!!

Have a beautiful night, I am now going and crawling back into the bed, my kids have brought us home a new cold, and its a whopper this is nuts this year I have never been so sick so close in time. Poor Hubby too.

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Jen said...

Very cute stuff! What a fun blog!