Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our little Frog Visit

My Son Garrett comes into the kitchen with a frog that was in his room. Eee gads right Well it happens alot here in FL lol, I always have frogs sneek in the house. Just so happens this one wasn't looking all the hot like he needed water so he put him outside in our flower bed. and poured a little water over him he was getting better. As I watched him decided to get the camera out well he ended up letting me take a lot of photos, over 300 lol, and a few didn't come out well as he would jump and would make me back up 5 more feet (I don't mind looking at them but I don't want to touch them). Anyways there was about 7 or 8 photos that really came out nice. 4 I made up to offer in Rod and I's Shop

This one is my favorite he looks so inticed by the camera.

This one was when we first got some water on him he kinda look sad doesn't he

There is four photos available of him in our shop

Also WOO HOO last Friday was Student of the month and my younger boys school and they both got the award Woo Hoo Always happy when they get it but this year was neat as it was the first time they got it in the same month.

I still have some ebay acutions going a few sales over the weekend woo hoo! that was wonderful to see but some more goodies and some ending tomorrow. Click here to visit my ebay

An important note The Etsy Challenge has a a new look and Even dial up users should be able to view all photos now!! Woo hoo and it updates tomorrow (monday) all new entries!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend ours busy busy as normal!


Brandon said...

Students of the Month, way to go!
Love the frogs!

My Bio said...

How wonderful for them, you must be so proud!!!!

My Bio said...

DUH!!! I forgot to say that your photo's are awesome too!!!