Sunday, September 7, 2008

In Honor of I need a new oven LOL

Well the poor thing has cooked its last meal, and now its time to have some sales to replace this piece of my life. Cooking is my place I go to relax believe that! but it is. And I have been using my little convection oven to cook dinners for a few weeks now and let me tell ya that is some special planning now for dinners lol! With the 6 kids and me and hubby I have invented some new casseroles and have had fun with hamburgers,but enough is enough I know I usually don't offer so many sales but I am trying to be creative and offer a great deal for everyone :)

So I have a couple great sales going on with my collage sheets they are at the bottom of this blog and a couple post below this one. and to the right you can get my entire collection of collage sheets for $35 that is all my old and all the news ones everything up till this date and I will put them all on Cd's for $45.

I also offered a few items at Ebay see post below.

So if you would like some wonderful deals on some collage sheets take a look at them.

I have some great sculpture pieces on SpookyTime Jingles Halloween and SpookyTime Jingles Christmas that will be taken down on the 12th of this month!

And Charlie and Oscar are available at A Time For Primitives
And will be listing on Etsy Shop Sunday some new ACEO's I did up today!

So theres the reason for all these sales you have seen pop up on the blog as of late, who knows I might think of something else fun too, we'll see. LOL........

Oh Voting ends soon on The Etsy Challenge and new challenges start on Monday so make sure to cast your votes and there are some great shops to visit their too!! and while you are there.....please visit the Win this ad space and you can win a week long advertising spot there just click on the banner and follow the directions on how to enter!! Free advertising is great for anyone !!

Oh a Hamburger that is good Cook your hamburger as you like it ( I like to add Worcestershire sauce to mine while cooking and pepper and salt) Place a bun down then place about 12 slices of Green Olives on then a piece of Havarti cheese then your hamburger then A-1 sauce about 1 1/2 teaspoons add top bun and enjoy. This is so good !! I usually serve these with homemade onion rings yummy which really plays havoc with any diet but oh so good lol. My onion rings I just do a bowl of Beer (bud cooks the best) salt pepper, 2 Tablespoons of Garlic powder and 5 eggs beat till blended let sit, a bowl of Flour, 2 teaspoons of salt,3 teaspoons of ground peppercorn 2 Tablespoons of Garlic SALT and then blend Cut onions into rings (love vidallia for rings) but have used reg yellow onions they are cheap lol put a handful of rings into wet indgr. let sit for about 2 minutes place in bowl of flour put top on bowl shake a moment, make sure rings are covered and deep fry about 2.5 minutes at 375 take out and repeat process You have to deep fry those onion rings to get that good taste, and Salt to taste to when serving yummy!

Have a beautiful night

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