Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Have you Voted?

The Etsy Challenge has been updated and there are some great artist!!

Go vote!! go see all the new artist bet you find some new ones!

Click Here to Visit Etsy Challenge

Have an etsy Shop? this is great promoting for your shop and best of all it is free!

And advertising spots are great there I have seen a 15% increase on my website from Etsy Challenge, and that was just last week woo hoo! I am so happy with that ad. And I am surprised but happy!!

So check with Rod on the advertising spots he is filling up the Category sponsor but there is room on the sides!

Oh I decided to try this Project wonderful which is fun you bid for ad space and I have it set at 5 cents for opening day we will see how it goes I like having the approval of family oriented sites and I defiantly will pull any advertising that tries to sneak in a non family site (just to for warn) other than that I hope it is enjoyed by all

I also have the season sale Sept -Dec for 150 x 150 ads going on see the right top side of blog for more info

Have a beautiful day

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