Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I get bored

with the look of my rooms in the house alot and quickly poor hubby lol.
The past few weekends we have installed new cabinets in the livingroom that make excellent storage YEA I don't have to dig for things (wish I could say that for my desk lol) My kitchen I started painted I use to have the cabinets a very deep brown Very "prim" I have painted them a mint green real light in the center then whitewash the outer edges Love it now I have to finish the bottom cabinets I am waiting for new countertop. I have a new Mohen facet that hubby is gonna install too woo hoo Al these things where torn out of a friend of a friends house and didn't cost anything which is good because never been able to do it wihtout lol. Saved them from paying the dumping fees and gave us so much more storage Igot the paint at Home Depot for $5 for the gallon in thier oops department. I am slowly redoing the livingroom colors and deocor too Slowly lol but as we can and I find the fincings.with the new cabinets it really has pushed it to more contempary looking so I did do a new painting mixed media thing I got this wood at home depot for 56 cents yea wow! I even have another piece to do something else thought I would share the picture of it and the paper mobile I did to hang buy it I originally did the painting thinking on the wall of the TV but the TV and this are too big with each other so in the corner this went.......Can't wait to redo these walls too but anyways The painting here it is with mobile

Love how it turned out so I am working off this and the cabinets to redo the livingroom. I can't wait to make the walls a lot lighter Hate panels always have.

When I am finished and it may be months from now I will post a pic of the whole room.

Oh and one more thing I thought I would show ya a sneak peek of one of my new items for Spooky Time Jingles that will be updated on the 13th!! Wow does time fly!!!

This is Henry he is a hand sculpted Das Clay and acrylic paints. he is an ornament.

he is one of my favorites so far though I have 3 more that are finished I love too lol and workingon 2 more though may not get them done in time for STJ I will definatly have 4 items for STJ!

Have a beautiful day all!

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SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hi Annette ,I love your painting! Love the colors! And Henry makes me smile,Love him! Hugs Sherrie