Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13th

Woo hoo SpookyTime Jingles is all loaded up! and as always the artist really have done a wonderful job!! So many favorites and I will post in a few days probably over the weekend on them :)I think I have that shop to where I have it invisioned on what part of "me" I want in there.

I now realize it is time to gear up for A Time For Primitives I have in the back of my mind where I want this little shop to turn to and represent of my creations so stay tuned There is still some wonderful items avaialble on ATFP too They update on the 1st so only a couple weeks left! Have you visited yet this month if not go take a peek

Now on the homefront I did get as you see in other post the collage sheet sets available on my website and I hope the prices are great and everyone can get creative with the sets as always they are good to use for your creative items you sell too, and I even got the new hang tag collection there too And I think a pretty cool freebie! Would ya like to visit just click here

My hubby has been working hard too Getting the new Etsy Shop going and full! I am so happy he had his first sale today from his shop Bad kitty! Yea he is my favorite from his shop and was happy he was the first sell!

Would ya like to see more take a gander

Now he also has been getting step into our world going too and it is looking wonderful....

Last weekend I got to do a walk around downtown and got some really great shots though I haven't got to play with them yet Rod has he made some really nice ones and got a couple up in the store

My favorite

Then this one too this is his idea for it which I love

I also have an idea for this photograph, so whatch for that.
Hoping maybe over the weekend to play on some new ones but I am really happy to see all that he has done, now just to get the shop noticed, the digital altering has always been my "release" my play and love being able to have a true outlet for it.

Hope everyone has had a great day now back to work need to get some sales a moving on my end, seems to been a slow week here, and not to use to that, so need to see where I went wrong lol We have school starting next week my 2 youngest are all set my older 2 who are both entering the 7th grade I called to get them set up and was tol they need thier Tetnus booster and can't enter the school till they do (gee thanks for the notice GEESH!) well the earlist date I can get is next thursday with the doctor! so they will miss the first 4 days of school and niether of them are due for the booster till next year anyways atleast according to thier shot records So mad about that my daughter is in Advanced Acedemics so she isn't either and my son always a straight A Student will be starting behind too I am not the only parent in this boat right now from what I hear from the doctors You would think the School would of said somethng and made sure parent know before the week of school! and nothing like rushing to get the $$ for the shots too. Nothing is easy in my life I swear I guess thats what I get for having all the supplies and everything in that department all done last month first year ever and was so happy thinking geesh this year is gonna be a good start to the new year ya Right!! LOL Lordy Lordy! I am so happy God keeps me on my toes

Off to get busy I go
Have a beautiful night

Dont' forget the FREEBIE on the website! Enjoy!



~dani~ said...

Oh, you did have a hard day! It is all part of your path. If they are meant to be in school it will work out. If not, then they won't & you may never know why but have to believe it is for good reasons. I choose to believe this otherwise the hard times would make me crack under the pressure.

Virtual hugs and kisses to you!

GNG Girl said...

Hey A!
I cut my finger on a rusty hinge last summer & had to run in for a quick tetanus shot...
Didn't want to wait so I went to what we affectionatly call the "Doc in the Box!" You know, I think they're technically "Urgent Care" clinics?
Got right in & out within an hour!
Just a thought!
Hope that helps!

Flora said...

Much luck to you and Rod with your new store Annette! Love Bad Kitty!

Huckleberry Arts said...

Thanks all :)

oh our clinics around here are not for kids it was suggested but well don't know how to put it nicely but the kids sure would see quite the array of people there! but thank you we did find That some CVS pharmacies have Clinics in them the nearest one to us is 18 miles away which doesn't seem far I know but in the city it is lol looking more into it

Thanks much all