Thursday, August 21, 2008

Almost 100 post......

First if you are looking for the grab bag offer it is over :)

You can find my collage sheets at the bottom of the blog and also see on the side bars there is some links I even have the brand new ones up and they will be available for now on at Instant Printables and my website Huckleberry Arts Now I am trying to clean out my Collage sheets at my Etsy Shop So please feel free to go there to though I am not relisting so what is there is there I marked down some and with every order I am including choice. I think I will close it completely Sunday :) Click here to visit

Now getting to that 100 post I have been thinking about what to offer I Was going to make up something and have it to offer but I decided on letting you choose from any of the items in any of my shops Sooooo....For the 100th post Which I will use random number generator to choose

1st drawn name gets a $20 certificate to use at any of my shops, websites,ebay,etsy etc at any time!!

2nd and 3rd drawn name gets to choose thier choice of 3 collage sheets OR A ACEO of mine from Huckleberry Arts Etsy Shop

How does that sound?

What do you have to do? Well I though about this too? I want you to tell me something I don't know about you anything, you must comment on this post and tell me something new :) Something I may not know about ya.......

When I post my 100th post the winner(s) will be announced! we are at 97 with this post.

Oh you want to know something about me first okay .......Most people don't know I am a Big Big BIG Stargate Fan absolutly one of my favorites shows, I am getting use to Stargate Atlantis but still isn't like Stargate I am proud owner of almost all the box sets (thank you hubby) the movies and On Firday nights starting at 10 pm I watch Atlantis and usually stay up for a few of the Stargate repeats they show. There theres something about me now lets hear yours that I may not know.

PS yea I know a few close friends may know about my stargate passion lol but just consider yourself Priveledge to know before anyone else hee hee

Have a beautiful day

I will send winners email too and post here! Good luck all!


Laura Ann said...

first of all...Annette you do wonderful work and i want to thank you for creating graphics for me personally and having them ready for us to download. second...what a wonderful way to celebrate your blogs 100th post. Now something about me.
Laura Ann..I live in Maple Ridge, British Columbia...You like Stargate..The Movie as well as the Series....was filmed just up the hill from me many times during the past. it should say on your was really fun watching them film. Anyways...good luck with many future postings and i hope i win...LOL what more can i say...LOL

ShellyRaeWood said...

Congrats (early) on the 100th post. How exciting! We are definitely a stargate family here too. I'd like to have died when they killed off Daniel!! Gasp!! :::smiles:::

Well, since we're just getting to know each other, everything is new. Hmmmm, I love the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. She's my hero, followed closely by Maleficent from Beauty and the beast. :::grin::: I think all days should include dark chocolate and coke zero. I passionately love to play canasta. I could spend all night outside looking at the sky. I believe no day is complete with out ink on my fingers and glitter in my hair!! How's that for a start?? Sorry you asked?? LOL
Ars Gratia Artis....Art for Art's Sake

chris said...

Ok now this is a bit hard Annette, your a big Stargate fan, well I'm a big Ace Frehley fan.
Congrats on your 100 post, to win anything from you would be awesome, have a great day.......Chris....

Kristine said...

Something about me???hmmm....

I have the box set of all the Pink Panther movies and I love to drag them out and watch them all..
back to back only on lazy, rainy, weekends!
hmmm....maybe this will be one of those weekends???!!!

Kathie said...

Boy this sounds like a boxed set confessional here!!! Ok...Grey's Anatomy, Charmed, Buffy, Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural and Medium, and working on the Sex and the city collections. You are not alone babe!! Anyway, yes Anette you are LOVED and congrats on #100.

Flora said...

Ummmmm, well I'm deathly afraid of heights!!!!..really afraid!!! I have to talk to myself while driving over certain highways and bridges, or I just can't do it!!!

Shagsy said...

Congratulations on your 100th post Annette!! You have a wonderful blog and do fantastic work!!!
But have to say, this question is tricky. I think you know everything about me!!
OK,let me think............
Did you know I'm a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE George Michael fan?????? That I would leave my DH for that man????????????
Yep, I think you do!
Oh gee whiz, I cannot think of anything you might not know. Things that I can think of,I can't say in public :p
And as for box sets.......I'm not a big tv fan.
Oh I don't know........
OK, thought of one. I really wanted to be a vet when I finished school, but I wasn't the biggest school fan, so knew I wouldn't be able to handle all those years of Uni. I am hoping Tayla might fulfill my dream. I was hopeful awhile back as that was what she said she wanted to do, but alas, she has changed her mind and wants to be a lawyer!!! She has the name for it anyway.My FIL's cousin was a top judge here and then he was Governor of Victoria. His kids are all top lawyers, so she should do ok with Gobbo as her last name!!!
There you go. I have now written you a novel and you have learned a few new things about me!
Happy now Missy? :p

Huckleberry Arts said...

Ha Love the confesional this is so much fun learning a little more with each LOL

Have a beautiful day!

Terri said...

Annette, what a wonderful idea! Ok, lets see......Ok, I have one. When I was younger I was a member of a theatre group. We did a few plays and musicals a year. I had the lead in our production of Hello Dolly! I wore a professionally done remake of the dress Carol Channing wore in the oringinal broadway production, in the hotel/ restaurant scene. It was made in New York, and weighed over 10 pounds because of all the jewels and rhinestones sewn onto it. And no, I did not sound like Carol.

~Tonya said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your almost
100th post Annette.

Hmmm, I am a pretty simple person...

I do not like many much "rabbit food" LOL Like lettuce, radishes, cold carrots, celery...things like that.

I even have simple tastes. Not much else here.

Have a great evening.


Judy said...

Hey Annette!
I love your blog and love your doodles!!!!! Something you might not know about me is that it is my Hubby and I 34th wedding Anniversary this coming Saturday!!! I love him more and more everyday! He is my HUCKLEBERRY!!!!!

Huckleberry Arts said...

Oh now Judy how could I forget your anniversry remeber last year we where talking maybe Jesse being born on the same day Her birthday is tomorrow 1 year old already LOL! But I am still entering ya I bet there is alot that didn't know that

LOL See I do remember things LOL

Huckleberry Arts said...

Tonya you are missing al the goodies of greens you can pour on all the great tasting dressings!!


Huckleberry Arts said...
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Rod G. said...

What can I say that you don't already know?

Laurie Hardin said...

Stargate....I knew there was another reason I liked you so well!! When Jack became a general it just wasn't the same. Missed his humor!! We have the first 6 seasons and also some Farscape.

What you don't know about me...hmmmm, I was on the fire department here for 10 years and worked EMS for 4 of those years as a volunteer, and as a small child rode a unicycle instead of a bicycle. How's that?!!

Have a great weekend!!

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Way Cool Annette! Congrats on the Almost 100 posts :)..By the way there's an award for ya on my blog :)

Shay said...

Well I'm new to this blog, so I'll just introduce myself. I'm Shay and I just found you through P&R. SO, Good to meet you and congrats on your 100th post!! I've seen you from STJ and I must say you are very talented! I love your things!

For me? I love Pride & Predjudice! My favorite movie!! I love to dance & sing with my kiddos! My favorite food is pizza with root beer...I can make a mean turtle cheesecake that's about 5 inches tall!! Nice to meet you! I'm adding you onto my blog list! Glad to find you!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Kylie B said...

Hay Congrats on your almost 100th Post!

Lisa Gallup said...

I am off to shop as soon as I post this! :):)
Something about me.....I'm almost 50 yo and I am obsessed, OBSESSED with the vampire series, Twilight!! :):)

Sandra said...

Congratulation on 100th post Annette... we were close....You talk as much as me...LOL
Far as something you don't know about me.... I have to buy 1 pair of shoes every month...Like clock work !! ( some times 2 pair). I love shoes !
I do donate old one to Good Will...or I would run out of room...LOL

Altered Route said...

Congrats Annette!

hmmm...I guess I have always been a SciFi addict. Started out with Lost in Space w/ Angela Cartwright, then to Star Trek before the movies, StarWars was good but nothing compares to the ongoing stories like Stargate and those oldies!

Kathy said...

AG (how I know you from Etsy)
I am so glad I checked your announcement...look at all this wonderful stuff I have been missing. Thanks so much for your kind words on the forum @ Etsy. It means so much to me. I will be linking to your I won't lose you
I didn't know of your other Etsy shop either. Happy day for me.

Huckleberry Arts said...

Wow this has been fun Lets see more So much I didn't know and new from new people I have met way cool!!!

Also happy to se some fellow stargate fans woo hoo!!

I Plan on posting a little something tomorrow but keep it going will enter everyone that posts in this post till the 100th post and the 100th will be the announcements of winners woo hoo!!!

Have a beautiful night all!!

Huckleberry Arts said...

Wow this has been fun Lets see more So much I didn't know and new from new people I have met way cool!!!

Also happy to se some fellow stargate fans woo hoo!!

I Plan on posting a little something tomorrow but keep it going will enter everyone that posts in this post till the 100th post and the 100th will be the announcements of winners woo hoo!!!

Have a beautiful night all!!

GNG Girl said... know I love your ARTWORK! :)
What you do not know is that I was a Corrections Officer at the county jail for 4 months(that's as long as I could stand it-ha!)
Congrats on 100!
Looking forward to melding our art together for 100 more! :)

oodlekadoodle said...

Hi Annette,
Found you through P&R and I want to tell you how much I like your work and I am glad I found you...I love "Gone With The Wind"...I remember going with my parents to see the first movie in 1939 and I have watched every year since...It use to come to one of our local theaters every year, then it was on TV and then vido and now on DVD...Guess I gave my age away...Congrulations on your 100th post...

everydaysies said...

Okay Mz. Annette - I'm here to tell you

"something I don't know about you anything, you must comment on this post and tell me something new :) Something I may not know about ya......."


well, you said to tell you that.
Joyce (everydaysies)

everydaysies said...

(just kiddin' - really!)

Here's something you don't know about me:
I was born in the 1950's, had one daughter in the 1960's, another in the 1970's, and yet another in the 1980's.

Now how many folks can do that???

Yup: 1951, 1969, 1972, 1980