Monday, July 14, 2008

Huckleberry Folk

One of my dearest friends made the most absolute beautiful wonderful Snowman Collection Called "Huckleberry Folk" How fitting for me to showcase on Huckleberrys hee hee

I have always admired Floras talent and attention to detail in her pieces. Always original always perfect completed piece and though there are so many wonderful pieces on Spooky Time Jingles This month this is my favorite Yet a bit of sentimental there for this choice tooo,But you must admit What an absolute Beautiful Original One of a Kind piece.

Flora is Bone*Head*Studio on SpookyTime Jingles Click here to visit and her Halloween offerings too!

Although this piece is sold already I love this from Dani of Ambtions Designs

Title Festive Fellow Snowman

Another new favorite artist of mine with her whimsical creations is Laurie Hardin of Monkey Cat Studios
Isn't he GREAT

Dietrich von Pumpkin

Oh yea I have more favorites hee hee The Laughing Doll Studio Has this wonderful Skelle

There are so many amazing artist on SpookyTime Jingles you should definatly dive in and take a peek! And oh yea did you read the post below Every Purchase gets you entered 10 times for the door prize drawings!!!

I was happily delighted to create many of the new banners on STJ and one of my favorites and I must say the idea came all from the Artist Kim. Her halloween idea for her banner was just wonderful Here is it is

Her Page name is of course The Smiling Goat

My last banner I created for the group was Kim Hardt Originals and again right up there with my favorites! She does some amazing pieces

oh and, Ahh Surprise Delight Joy She makes just wonderful altered art pieces

I got to do Ambtins Desigins Which I just love her pieces and to be able to use them in a banner was awesome!

Crescent Hill Desigins What an Awesome Santa I got to use in his banner and avatar! Love that Santa!

Howling Moon Designs one of my favorite too with the skeleton!!

Ginny Deizel OH you have to visit to see her pieces just wonderful they are and her banners oh loved how they came together her pieces really made them perfect!

Sweet B Folk Art oh have you seen her Candy pieces they are out of this world!!

Crowing about Primitives oh just loved the flow that came to those banners!

Blur.Baby is probably one of my favs too just one of those that came out so simple sweet but so dramatic too!

Yea canya tell I love other peoples banners lol and I could go on and on and on lol

I loved working with each of these artist and the absolute fun it was to get to know them too. Ahh Surprise Deleight Joy has a son 2 days younger than my youngest That is sooo cool

As you see we have all gotten to mingle getting ready for the debut of Spooky Times Jingles! and What fun it is many of the artist have blogs too I have them listed under my favorite blogs but most also have them listed in their pages on Spooky Times Jingles too!

Hope you all have a beautiful night


Flora said...

Annette, how very thoughtful of you to display my " Huckleberry " on your blog! thank you dear friend!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

stop by my blog for a surprize for you!!