Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why Not

I see alot of questions here and there on where to advertise your online business. Of course first thing is on the internet. Banner Exchanges are great and little advertising spots. Many you sites you can get for $5 or less for a 150x150 banner ad. Classified websites too Why not Craigslist of course, but there are thousands of free classified ads to place your site in. Forums have your signature (wither a text link of your website or Shop or a little banner to link to your shop) Yes you know everyone in the forums but how many "lurkers" are there reading and just seeing, you never know where your next customer is.

Now I think the most important part to advertise is OFF the internet. Have some business cards made up. Or simply make a little flyer with your webs address on. To hand out put out or give out. Where at you say?

First off always make sure you have some with you in your car, in your purse wherever you carry such things with you.

Grocery store have a community board Put a few up there, Church,School, YMCA's Libraries wherever you see a community board use it.

Going out Yard Saling? Hand them out. Going to a Craft show, ask one of the vendors to let you lay some Cards out on their table offer $5 for the use of the space of the table for the day.

Newpapers Boy classified ads in Bigger cities Dallas, NYC,Chicago, Seattle, Las Angelos, Great papers to take out an ad make it simple Just in the classifieds simply run your website address.

There are lots of places, of course other places of business make sure it is okay to put your info out there. There are tons of gift and craft shops in America offer and exchange of info of thier shop on your website,blog,for them allowing you to put your business cards/Flyers in thier shop.

Send some cards to your your fellow artist to put in with thier orders, (exchange business cards) and put thiers in your orders and they return the favor.

I think it is just as important to advertise off the internet as on the internet.

These are just some thoughts maybe it will help a few

Have a beautiful day

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~dani~ said...

These are all great suggetions. I needed this reminder, thank you!