Sunday, June 1, 2008


New For the month of June and Only on A Time For Primitives.

Mr Prump (My daughter named him :) Is one of my paper clay creations. I make the paper clay myself wanting a more textured looked I didn't sand him to much and his body is wire armature and then the paper clay put on then finishing up the rest of his body over a mini gourd I applied the paper clay. He had to dry for almost a week. Then I lightly sanded the area for his eyes and then just here and there. He was then painted by me with acrylic paints, and sealed.Signed and dated and of course one of a kind!

The painting is a 4 x 6 freehand painting also available on A Time For Primitves this is probably my favorite painting this year I have done so happy with the colors. there is a gravestone by the little tree non the island then some pumpkins growing near the tree to the right. The tree I wanted a look of a hand yet just slighly. Completely done freehand painting and another neat little fact is done completely with 2 brushes a 1/4 angulaur and a 1/10 liner. Something I love to do is use as little brushes as possible to create a painting. Titled "And then The Sea Beckoned Me."

And oh my the artist on A Time For Primitives have done a wonderul showing for the month of June. I can't even pick just a few because truley it is worth starting with the first artist Babycake Designs and going through the artist to Woolen Sails and amazing showing this month so go grab your favorite drink and something sweet and take a look through the wonderful offerings on A Time For Primitives. Then visit the wonderful tresured finds page and go for a wine tasting, then to the freebies page and download a wonderful pattern by Lucy's Lazy Dayz Primitives and a free note page wine notes by me Huckleberry Arts. There some great Book Reviews given by Donna of Cameo Moon, Cathy Jackson of "Primitive Peddlers" as written a wonderful Business Tips section. Tips and Tricks by Candace Navarette has a great tips n tricks page too!

See what a wonderful showing there is this month!! Click here to start your adventure on ATFP AKA A Time For Primitives.
Have a beautiful night!

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