Friday, May 9, 2008

A Quick Post

Busy week almost done I have been finishing some graphic orders The week seemed to go by so fast and not where I want to be at on projects, hopefully today will be a smooth day and will get some things finished off and sent to their new owners. Life seems to be so full lately.

I did while I took some time last night to get a box of goodies done for upnorth(should of been sent at the first of the week) in a shop I am in finished to send and hopefully sell Amongst waiting for thing to dry, I made a new pendant for the Etsy Shop I have a few started but this one is done The crow. Quite happy how he turned out If I wore necklaces he would be staying with me lol. He is in the huckleberryarts Etsy Shop. I hope to finishing up a few miniature paintings over the weekend If I get the graphic orders done up and ahead. Love to paint miniatures, and its been a few months since I sat down to do them. A few of these pieces where started weeks ago. So hopefully all will fall into place and I also drew out a new doll, (I don't use patterns I sit and draw on the fabric and just cut it out and make my doll. I have an idea in my head and that is what I draw for the doll many times as the doll gets worked on it goes from one idea in the beginning and something new totally comes out of it lol. Sooo as I close and get to work on some graphics (I can't wait to share these 2 websites I am working on they are wonderful and the owners have wonderful creative minds for how they want the websites, but I never show before finishing as that usually Jinx me lol so be patient) Below is the Etsy link for the Crow pendant and a pic of a start of a doll I thought you might like to see how my dolls start out.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

This is the doll you can barely make it on the picture, but the head will be almost round there will be 5 pieces to it if you look around the round head you will see a piece on each side and top That will (I hope) make the head I am picturing.

Have a beautiful day!!!


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