Monday, April 28, 2008

Tell me a Freebie

I have a few ideas and can't decide on one
For a freebie on this blog What would you like?
Vintage collage sheet
Mothers day collage sheet
Sig (what type of sig)

What about a collage put together for a UPRINT card that you can print and use add to to make it more your own? (this is an idea I have had but would people really use it)

I like to offer something everyone can use.........So lets hear it throw some ideas my way

I even thought about Thank you little cards for sellers to print to put into there orders something simple yet memroable, they could even be used as Simple Thank yous to hand out to people as you see fit

Leave me a commit don't forget style Whimsical,primitve,vintage,everyday fun, Halloween (yea its almost time to really start crafting Halloween)

Have a beautiful day

Thank you

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